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5.9100812606:22Link Moderate Earthquake- EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG., P.N.G. - Today
4.758770106:23Link Light Earthquake- TAJIKISTAN - Today
4.710135006:48Link Light Earthquake- OFF COAST OF CENTRAL AMERICA - Today
4.660129810:35Link Light Earthquake- OFFSHORE EL SALVADOR - Today
4.530705410:40Link Light Earthquake- VOLCANO ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION - Today
4.55856211:34Link Light Earthquake- LUZON, PHILIPPINES - Today
4.4108815705:43Link Light Earthquake- NEAR N COAST OF NEW GUINEA, PNG. - Today
4.424916111:49Link Light Earthquake- SULAWESI, INDONESIA - Today
4.315727708:14Link Light Earthquake- KAZAKHSTAN-XINJIANG BORDER REG. - Today
4.3100415711:41Link Light Earthquake- ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE - Today
4.215437605:52Link Light Earthquake- OFF COAST OF COQUIMBO, CHILE - Today
4.272429212:09Link Light Earthquake- ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS. - Today
4404707413:24Link Light Earthquake- SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS - Today
410102705:04Link Light Earthquake- GULF OF CALIFORNIA - Today
3.828768310:00Link Minor Earthquake- WESTERN IRAN - Today
3.7951813:40Link Minor Earthquake- WESTERN TEXAS - Today
3.7117402307:25Link Minor Earthquake- ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE - Today
3.512307313:24Link Minor Earthquake- GULF OF ALASKA - Today
3.513144611:53Link Minor Earthquake- OFF COAST OF COSTA RICA - Today
3.473201211:22Link Minor Earthquake- PUERTO RICO - Today
3.35297112:13Link Minor Earthquake- SOUTHERN YUKON TERRITORY, CANADA - Today
3.3168741806:29Link Minor Earthquake- NORTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND - Today
3.3451008407:47Link Minor Earthquake- SIMEULUE, INDONESIA - Today
3.315990308:02Link Minor Earthquake- LOMBOK REGION, INDONESIA - Today
3.330143014:33Link Minor Earthquake- NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA - Today
3.210159406:36Link Minor Earthquake- HAITI REGION - Today
3.1201718713:17Link Minor Earthquake- OFF E. COAST OF N. ISLAND, N.Z. - Today
3.110603205:46Link Minor Earthquake- CENTRAL MEDITERRANEAN SEA - Today
3.133844405:47Link Minor Earthquake- LUZON, PHILIPPINES - Today
3.1100409506:23Link Minor Earthquake- ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE - Today
3.15136508:02Link Minor Earthquake- NICARAGUA - Today
3.146879713:57Link Minor Earthquake- KEPULAUAN TALAUD, INDONESIA - Today
3118400705:04Link Minor Earthquake- ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE - Today
380768110:54Link Minor Earthquake- SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND - Today
2.810943204:52Link Minor Earthquake- SULAWESI, INDONESIA - Today
2.864459805:20Link Minor Earthquake- VALPARAISO, CHILE - Today
2.810143807:22Link Minor Earthquake- SOUTHERN IDAHO - Today
2.83158410:44Link Minor Earthquake- HAITI REGION - Today
2.82645411:28Link Minor Earthquake- WESTERN TURKEY - Today
2.73624307:44Link Minor Earthquake- AEGEAN SEA - Today
2.7918511:16Link Minor Earthquake- SOUTHERN TEXAS - Today
2.643380711:02Link Minor Earthquake- ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII - Today
2.55500905:16Link Minor Earthquake- SPAIN - Today
2.547464611:36Link Minor Earthquake- VALPARAISO, CHILE - Today
2.515129611:38Link Minor Earthquake- NEVADA - Today
2.4219590314:09Link Minor Earthquake- SOUTHERN ITALY - Today
2.23166712:12Link Minor Earthquake- NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - Today
2.131380008:04Link Minor Earthquake- ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII - Today
294462113:07Link Minor Earthquake- CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REGION - Today
23519310:21Link Minor Earthquake- SPAIN - Today